Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Jersey Life

Have you discovered New Jersey Life magazine yet? I am in love with it. So much so that I have become a bit of a stalker at Barnes & Noble anxiously awaiting the next issue. New Jersey Life is a regional lifestyle magazine for the savvy tri-state reader with a national appeal. So even if you don't live in New Jersey, it's a great information resource. Its pages are filled with regular features including: Fashion and Home Design (my favorite); Food and Drink; People and Pets; Real Estate and Money; Current Happenings, and Health and Beauty. My favorite issues are the September and October releases. September is design and style month. While October features the A-List award winners in 24 categories from the best NJ Home Design Shops to the best Farmers Markets. The top picks are selected by the magazine's readers. In each of these great issues you'll find colorful features and unusual finds from jewelry to doorknockers. Sadly for me, New Jersey Life is only published seven times a year. I guess that's a good thing because they kept readers wanting more. Waiting on the shelf right now is the Health & Beauty issue, so hurry. I already have mine.


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