Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exquisite Spring Tablescapes

"We took great pride in preparing and serving meals for company, and while we didn't have the best china, you'd be surprised what you can do with fresh flowers and pressed linens."

~ Sara and Elizabeth Delany, "Having Our Say"

Easter is just five weeks away! Are you planning to host this year? If you are, let me help you with your table decorations. Creating beautiful tablescapes is one of my specialities. I love the creative process and the excitement of creating beauty from a table's blank canvas. Meet me here for the next few weeks, and I'll tell you how to create your most beautiful table yet. Let's get started.

Step One: Finding Inspiration and Selecting a Theme

There are many different ways to set a table. To achieve the look and feel you want -- from simple elegance to something whimsical -- start by looking for inspiration to help you decide on a theme. There are many places you can go for inspiration. My search usually starts with a shopping trip -- even if I'm only sightseeing. Here are a few places you can visit to get your ideas flowing:

Visit a Flower Show. For those of you that are in the area, the Philadelphia Flower Show is always spectacular and sure to provide lots of inspiration for your theme. But, you'll have to hurry; the show ends this weekend. I hope to get there myself on Saturday.

Visit your local florist or explore online floral sites. Calyx Flowers is one of my favorites. They have a gorgeous selection. Each time I've ordered from them, the arrangements have arrived in the most beautiful packaging. It's a real delight just to open the box. Presentation is everything! Early spring flowers like Daffodils, Tulips and Panies should be readily available this time of year. You should also be able to find them in your local market.

Treat yourself to your favorite fine restaurant and notice how they decorated the tables.

Take a trip to the theater. Alice In Wonderland starts this Friday, March 5. From what I've been able to see in the commercials, the scenery looks incredible. I can't wait to see the movie, but I may have to go alone. My eight and ten-year-old says it's looks too scary.

In addition, here's a few ideas for stores you can visit for inspiration: Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Home Goods, Williams & Sonoma, and the Pottery Barn. Your local consignment shop and thrift store are great resources too!

While you're out shopping around for a little inspiration, keep in mind a few possible themes to help you in your search:

Spring Flowers
Spring Pastel Colors
Bunnies and/or Chicks
Jelly Beans
Easter Eggs
Easter Bonnets


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