Monday, March 1, 2010

My Stylistic Mondays

Welcome to another wonderful Monday! I use to dread Sunday evenings and Mondays when I was working in the corporate world because I knew I had another long week ahead of me doing work I just didn't enjoy. Now, I can face another Monday with renewed confidence and ease as I continue on my new journey -- as a new blogger and design student -- one precious moment at time. However, I'm still not an early raiser! That's another story.

In celebration of God's grace for new day, I decided to dedicate Mondays as my "creative styling" day. I'm new at this so be a bit gentle, but I welcome all thoughts and suggestions. I know I have a ways to go but I'm enjoying the journey.

So for today, I folded a few pretty fabrics and stacked them like books along with a few of my favorite design books. You might find any of these fabrics in a home designed in French Country or an English Garden style. I found the fabrics at a Domain Home store a few years ago when the store was going out of business. The person in charge of liquidating the store was kind enough to let me have tons of their fabric samples for free. I quickly scooped them up not knowing what I would do them, if anything. I just loved looking at them and imagining how beautiful they'd look in my home. Even though I found these a few years ago, this style of fabric remains timeless and elegant. Would you agree? I have a lot more fabrics to share with you over the coming weeks.


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